Chef Stef & Breakthrough M2 - Partnering For YOU!

Please use the button below to order your meals, snacks and other foods for the Breakthrough M2 program. All foods conform to the strict standards of the program, so you have nothing to question or worry about. 

Please note that an order minimum must total $50. Orders received that are less than $50 will be held, and you will be contacted to add to the order. 

All orders are delivered on Mondays and Fridays. Please adhere to the following ordering guidelines:

Friday Delivery - Order needs to be placed by 11:59pm Wednesday

Monday Delivery - Order needs to be placed by 11:59pm Saturday

Orders are delivered by 7pm barring any unforseen traffic, weather or other conditions. When filling out the form please provide a cell phone number where asked, so the chef can keep you up to speed on any changes.

Please understand that due to the variables named above Chef Stef does NOT guarantee delivery times. Foods are left at the front door if no one is home. If you are unsure if you will be home or not when Chef Stef arrives please leave a cooler or access to a refrigerator.

Use the contact button if you have any questions for the Chef.

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