Chef Stef Gourmet Service Details​​


Deliveries occur on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

You will receive an automatic email confirmation when your order is submitted. 

Heating and freezing instructions are included with this email.
Chef Stef will email you on the Monday of the delivery week with your expected delivery day.

Delivery is always available to the following areas:

Dutchess County
Putnam County
Westchester County
Rockland County
Orange County
Ulster County
Danbury, CT & Surrounding Towns

Chef Stef delivers throughout the day. Deliveries are typically concluded by 6:30pm, but road & weather conditions can affect this.

If no one is home Chef Stef will leave products in an appropriate area. 
Chef Stef cannot guarantee specific delivery times. You can contact the chef with a request, and he will make the best effort.

If you do not see your area above please Contact Chef Stef in advance.
Additional delivery fee may apply.

Minimum delivery is $30.
If your order does not total $30 you will be advised to add to the order, or it will be cancelled.

~Weekly Ordering~

Menus are published every Monday.
Menus are available to order up until Sunday night at 11:59pm. 
Afterwards the form will be disabled to update for the new menu.

All foods are delivered cold in appropriate packaging.

Requests for meals to be delivered heated cannot be honored. 

Meals are good for 6 days from delivery, so you can remain on an uninterrupted weekly schedule.

~Disclaimers & Statements~

* Please note any allergies when ordering. 
Chef Stef is not responsible if an allergy is triggered which he was not given the chance to avoid.

*Chef Stef takes time to compose dishes that have a balances and complementary flavor profile. 
While substitutions are discouraged to protect the integrity and balance of dishes, if you have a request please contact the chef before ordering to see if it is feasible.